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17.05.2010 As from now in English

First of all, I decided to write my further reports in English so Adem and the other guys from the Lab can read them as well;-)...

Now I am here in Vancouver since three weeks and it is really great! I found a really good flat in the south-east of Vancouver, hence I have a daily 45 min ride to the university by bike with my roommate Peter. But the city is excellent for cycling, there are lots of bikeways and calm roads all through the city. Therefore I bought a suitable used road bike which I can also use for some training rides and perhaps for same races.


Last Sunday I did the Vancouver Sun Run, the worlds 2nd largest Run with more than 51.000 runners. The 10 km through Downtown and Stanley Park took me 41:55 min, which was good enough for place 570.

On friday I rode to Burnaby Mountain, a 370m hill near the city with the Simon Fraser University on its top.
Saturday we went to Mt. Seymour, 1449 m a.s.l. Due to the late snowfall in the beginning of May there are still plenties of snow on the mountain. But we had a lot of fun while sliding and running down the hills and the view over Greater Vancouver was amazing.

Bowen Island is a fairly small island not far away from the mainland. Because the weather was better than predicted Markus and me started a trip on Sunday to visit the island and to hike on Mt. Gardener, the islands highest point with over 670m a.s.l. We were really in luck with the weather so we stayed dry and had an excellent day on the quaint island.

For the next weekend I am planning to go on Vancouver Island but we will see...

So far, best wishes from Vancouver



P.S. I really intend to write more on the website in the future...